Turn Key Solutions – Design, Build & Maintain

Why are we providing Turn Key Solutions?

The hallmark of our client partnerships is delivering Turn Key Solutions to fill and satisfy engineering contracting gaps and needs. We believe this gives our clients more control and clarity better able to make the right decision.

How do we do this?

We have developed a ten point strategy woven into the fabric of our business. It starts with our drive to deliver clear and concise communication throughout the supply chain. We also feel our success has been based on being honest and our ability to maintain integrity even under the most difficult circumstances. We strive to constantly improve teamwork both internally and with our customers through conscience advancement of our interpersonal skills. When allowed to do so, we take the initiative to pursue the obvious and the not-so-obvious all with the backbone of a strong work ethic. We pride ourselves on the analytical skills we bring to the table competent at breaking challenges down to their component tasks. Customers tell us they enjoy working with us because we remain flexible and adaptable to get the job done. Finally, through many years of hard work, we have self confidence in what we do because we know what we are talking about which facilitates leadership and, most importantly, trust.

So what are Turn Key Solutions?

Turn Key Solutions are a value proposition offered to our clients helping them meet today’s design, build and maintenance challenges where EnviroServ provides a single point of contact and control managing multi-faceted projects from their inception to their conclusion.  This means our clients now have the option to interact with only one entity to reach:  Mission Accomplished!

In a nut-shell:

•We act as extended staff to our customers

•Our specialty: Managing projects from start to finish

•Specific Skills & Talents:

–Project Management

–Planning & Permitting

–Diagnoses, Design, Engineering, Fabrication & Installation

–Areas of Expertise: Mechanical, Process, Environmental & Sustainability Operations

How does the Turn Key Solutions process work?

Turn Key Solutions are services designed to be rendered as a complete system or can be chosen a la carte depending on the needs of the client. Usually, a motivating event takes place within the client’s organization such as an improvement idea, like making a change to pump system to increase efficiency and productivity in a product line.  Next, three steps typically occur: 1) Concept Evaluation, 2) Planning/Design/Engineering, and 3) Making it Reality.  Within each of those three steps multiple activities can be performed depending on how complex the needs are and how formal the technical approach.

EnviroServ can provide complete support for all three steps and any and all combinations of the activities within each step.  This means that EnviroServ can plan the entire pump system upgrade; complete the management of change documentation; design the upgrade in relation to the baseline; perform the associated electrical, mechanical, and,or, civil engineering (calculations and drawings); fabricate the entire spooled assembly including piping, fittings, valves, controls, pump and supports; then install the entire spooled assembly providing laser alignment, operational & maintenance documentation, training, and operational turn-over services.

The overview below describes how it all fits together:


What are the key elements to the Turn Key Solutions process?

The key elements to the Turn Key Solutions process are best described by the acronym “DDEFI”, which stands for:

  • Diagnoses
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Fabrication

EnviroServ provides full-service offerings for all diagnostic technologies, function-based design and modelling, licensed professional engineering, and certified fabrication and installation specialists.  We also specialize in the production of custom operational and maintenance training programs and instructional manuals with high definition photographs and video.

To learn more about the DDEFI key elements, click here.

How do we get the job done?

EnviroServ has incorporated the outcomes of both formal training with the school-of-hard-knocks and has developed a work flow technique to complete tasks that make up any project. At the heart of this work flow technique, are SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound.  These SMART goals are used to create a plan with the client and the strategy to work the plan to successful conclusion.  We use MS Project on all projects to define tasks and sub-tasks; establish budgets, assign resources, analyze workloads, control time bound tasks and report progress.  EnviroServ has developed its own tool in conjunction with the use of MS Project to the get the job done. We call that tool: Sprinter!


Expense the Improvement

This all sounds good, but capital is so hard to get, are there other financing methods?

Yes, it is true that these types of Turn Key Solutions projects will fall on the capital side of the P&L and, therefore, require approved Financial Acquisition Requests (“FAR’s”) from upper management.  We all are aware that FAR’s for a project can be difficult to obtain because of competing needs, capital set-asides or budgets are limited each year, must be well planned in advance, require multiple levels of scrutiny and approval, and can impact the tax circumstances of your organization.

Enviroserv now offers an innovative financial approach to moving these kinds of Turn Key Solutions projects ahead without some of the headaches of a normal capital funds ask.

Let’s use a real life example to demonstrate the financial technique:  A client realizes that it makes sense to incorporate a small wastewater treatment unit on-site to dramatically reduce the waste management costs associated with traditional transportation and disposal of oily wastewater.  The cost of the small wastewater treatment unit is $156,000 that would normally have to be planned and budgeted under the corporation’s capital protocols.  Instead, the client now has the option to pay a lease-to-own monthly payment of approximately $5,000/month with a $1 buy-out at the end of 36-months or approximately $3,000/month with a $1 buy-out at the end of 60-months.

But the benefits do not stop there. The client can take advantage of the IRS Section 179 provisions that allow an accelerated depreciation of the entire purchase price all in the first year.  You read that right, learn more about IRS Section 179 by clicking here.

What are the benefits to Turn Key Solutions?

There are many benefits to the Turn Key Solutions service offering and every one contributes to getting the job done safely according to the scope of work, on time, within budget, with the requested quality and all while being a good custodian of the environment.

● All Encompassing Scope of Work

● Single Point of Contact

● Complete Project Management

● Solution & Enhancement Focus

● Increase Quality

● Increase Productivity

● Allow the Right Decision

● Reduce Risk

● More Efficient

● Improve Clarity

● Improve Safety

● Enhance Sustainability

● Allow Peace of Mind – Regulatory Standards

To see examples of Turn Key Solutions, click here.