Laboratory Chemicals

Lab Packs are defined as small quantity laboratory chemical containers of compatible waste materials packaged into Department of Transportation (DOT) drums, bags, boxes, etc. which are manifested and transported offsite for incineration, treatment, land fill or recycling.  The packaged containers will vary in size and type.  All chemical containers must contain only pre-characterized materials. To properly characterize and package any unknown and/or unidentified chemical a “Hazcat” scan must be performed by our Lab Pack Chemist. 

The chemicals will be glass containers not exceeding one (1) gallon, or metal, plastic or corrugated cardboard containers not exceeding five (5) gallons in capacity.  Each DOT container may only contain one class of hazardous material.  All chemicals must be packaged with a chemically compatible absorbent material, sufficient enough to absorb the total liquid contents of the DOT container.  A detailed Lab Pack Inventory Sheet is affixed to each DOT container. The gross weight of the complete package may not exceed 452 lbs.

Our Lab Pack services include inventorying, classification, segregation, packaging, profiling, transportation and disposal of aged, off-spec laboratory chemicals and wastes.  Our highly trained staff offers years of experience with safety and efficiency as our main priority. 

Our Lab Pack Chemists and Technicians take the time to gain extensive knowledge guidelines and procedures of each facility to insure that all individual safety requirements are met and maintained.