Closures & Clean-ups

Enviroserv specializes in the closure and clean up of environmentally impacted facilities. Over the last ten years Enviroserv has completed over 100 detailed facility closures and clean-ups (see recently Completed Closures & Clean-Ups). Most closures and clean-ups fall under federal, state or local jurisdiction.

Enviroserv will diligently identify all complexities involved with each facility. All hazardous waste and materials will be individually inventoried. Representative samples will be collected, profiled and submitted to the appropriate disposal sites for detailed analysis, treat-ability, compatibility studies, segregation and disposal costing. The surrounding neighborhood and regulatory climates will be thoroughly investigated and Enviroserv will develop a specific clean-up plan with the safest and most cost effective packaging methods to insure that the project is completed on time and within/under budget.

Prior to commencement of any clean-up the Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) is notified in writing to disclose your intention to close any applicable open permits (Tiered Permit and/or Permit by Rule (PBR). The compliance of our Closure Plan is overseen and certified by a Professional Engineer (PE). After completion of the facility clean-up this document will be certified by the PE and submitted to CUPA with all supporting documentation for permit closure.

Enviroserv’s facility closure and clean-up work have been endorsed by the EPA, DTSC, CUPA and Hazmat.

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The following steps are included with our Facility Closure/Clean-Up services:

  • Detailed Site Analysis
  • Inventory
  • Sampling & Profiling
  • Waste Compatibility & Segregation
  • Agency Interface
  • Equipment Cleaning & Decontamination
  • Transportation & Disposal
  • Digital Documentation
View a sampling of the process of Enviroserv’s closure and clean up of the Crocker Plating facility in Los Angeles in 2008.