The heart of the Turn Key Solutions value proposition is DDEFI, which stands for: Diagnoses, Design, Engineering, Fabrication and Installation. These are the professional services that, when combined together as a system, differentiate us from the design & build competition.

Guided Wave Ultrasonics


We offer a complete line of Non-Destructive Examination services, both in the field or plant site and in the laboratory:

● Traditional Ultrasonic Examination

● Advanced Ultrasonic Examination

● Radiographic Examination

● Magnetic Particle Examination

● Liquid Penetrant Examination

● Magnetic Flux Exclusion

● Visual Examination

● Alternating Current Field Measurement & Alternating Current Potential Difference

We also offer engineering inspections services:

● Corrosion Surveys

● Boiler Inspection

● Welding Inspection

● Turbine Inspection

● Video Inspection

● Remote-Field Eddy Current

● Eddy Current

● Internal Rotational Inspection System

● Acoustic Wave Tube Screening

3-D Design Capabilities


We know from our client’s feedback that our solutions-oriented design and modelling capabilities pay big dividends when focusing on practical applied repair; like-for-like or upgrade replacement; system modification and, or, new processes.

Experience has shown that being able to produce a 3-D scaled model of a candidate solution(s), or a number of potential resolutions in a feasibility study, results in efficient team focus, meaningful technical critiques, high value “what-if” scenarios, better time-in-motion estimations, desirable inter-departmental coordination and minimization of solution-shock.


Finite Element Analysis Output

Engineering the designed solution can often be a multi-disciplinary operation since many solutions involve mechanical, civil, structural and electrical aspects.  Enviroserv can fulfill those engineering needs by providing licensed professional engineers able to justify with math and physics the chosen design, interact with the regulatory agencies, assess forensic events, and support innovative research & development endeavors.

Some of the more common and requested engineering services are listed below:

• Process, system, equipment & machinery design

• Seismic verification, design & retrofit

• Thermal, stress & fluid flow analysis

• Code compliance verification: ASME; API; DNV; ASCE; AISC & NFPA

• Documentation Production: Walk-Down’s; Iso’s; P&ID’s; 2D’s & 3D’s

• Complex Outputs: Finite Element Analysis & Computational Fluid Dynamics

Multi-Disciplinary Fabrication


Once the solution has been engineered, Enviroserv brings licensed contractors and certified fabricators to bear on a project to produce the actual manifestation in real terms.

We build it!

Often our projects require a variety of different contractor licensing classifications as well as certified skilled trades such as welders, pipe fitters, pump technicians, electricians, automated controls technicians, and earthworks/paving specialists.  Enviroserv can provide a full spectrum of licensed and certified professionals as a team to address Turn Key Solution challenges.  We maintain general engineering contractor and earthwork/paving licenses along with a hazardous substance removal certification.

Installation Services


Physically integrating the Turn Key Solution into the customer’s operations is the main goal of Enviroserv’s installation service offering, however, it does not end there. We publish operation manuals for the turn over, we provide training to operational and maintenance personnel, we compile training documents, where necessary, and we can even, supply contract operations and maintenance personnel for short, medium or long-term needs.