Welcome to Enviroserv

Environmental Recovery Services, Inc. (Enviroserv) was founded in 1988. The vision was to create a company that evolved on the cutting edge of environmental technology. Strategic partnerships were developed with a broad range of disposal facilities to bring the most comprehensive transportation and disposal options to an ever changing and “greener” California landscape. Through these partnerships Enviroserv introduced new treatment, recycle and reuse disposal options and set new industry standards for the environmental management industry. Today Enviroserv employs over 85 people in two facilities (southern and northern California) and services over 3,000 customers in the western United States.

Enviroserv is a dynamic, fast growing corporation. Enviroserv handles well over a hundred million pounds of non-hazardous, California state & federal hazardous waste each year. Enviroserv is truly committed to providing unparalleled service while maintaining a commitment to the environmental impact on the community. You can rest assured that your company’s concern for the integrity employed and the use of environmentally safe disposal methods is paramount for Enviroserv as well.

Enviroserv services customers in California, Arizona, Washington and Oregon. Our corporate office and receiving facility is located in Gardena and encompasses almost four acres and processes 5,000-7,000 containers every month.

Enviroserv has performed numerous emergency responses, facility closures, clean-ups and remediations with the over sight of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Toxics Substance Control (DTSC), Water Quality Control Board, Air Quality Management District (AQMD), Department of Fish & Game, Hazmat as well as county and city agencies.

If you would like any additional information on our services and recycling programs, please call 800-368-4778 (outside California dial 562-427-7277) or email WMEnviroserv@wm.com.